Arrival in China

Our group from Dona Ana Community College arrived in Hong Kong on May 31 after a 19 hour non-stop flight from Dallas, Texas.  We were all relieved for the opportunity to move about without the confines of an airplane seat.   Our Chinese guide, Maggie, met us at the airport and  helped with the ground transportation to dinner and lodging.

Hong Kong and Guangzhou are very modern cities with many new skyscrapers. This one is one of the tallest in the world, Canton Tower.

In Guangzhou we visited the Oriental Museum and viewed ceramics and porcelain representing thousands of years of Chinese history.  Our travels are coordinated to follow the porcelain manufacturing and trade route from the trade port of Canton (Guangzhou), to the porcelain production center of Jingdezhen. We viewed examples of porcelains from Tang, Han, Song, Yuan, Qing, and Ming dynasties. Also represented in the collection were ink paintings, clocks, opium pipes, calligraphy, and contemporary art.

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  1. We were just talking about when you were going to be going, now we know. Have a wonderful, wonderful time.

  2. The bridge in the photo is rated one of the most beautiful in the world. Thanks for sharing. Love the pottery.

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