Study Abroad in China

Study Abroad in China in 2018 (May 27-June 14)

$2770 + Airfare


Fall Listed Course at New Mexico State University

ART 294 – Pottery in China is designed to introduce students to the history and culture of China with an emphasis on porcelain trade and manufacturing.  Students will travel the ancient porcelain trade route from Guangzhou to Jingdezhen to Shanghai. In Jingdezhen, students will learn about the materials and techniques unique to porcelain production from local master craftspeople. They will apply what is learned by creating their own porcelain artworks. Visits to historic sites such as Guangzhou, Meiling Pass, Ancient Kiln Museum (Jingdezhen), Yaoli and Gaoling villages (Jiangxi Province), and Shanghai will introduce students to the origins of porcelain production and its influence as a world commodity.

Interested students can contact me 575 525 1625 or gschwaig at nmsu dot edu, or the Study Abroad Office 575.646.5107


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  1. Glenn, I guess when I signed your form following the lecture you gave, I probably knew I would not be able to travel with you to China. That is even more apparent now since the upcoming birth of my daughter’s baby boy in June. My intent was to keep abreast of your travels with the hopes I might be able to attend in the future, but it will not be this summer. Thanks for the information. At some point this semester I would hope you and Courtney will be able to get together on your exchange. She also wants me involved, so I will stay tuned. Thanks again and give my regards to your wife.


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