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Artists' Workshop Week: March 18-24, 2024

The Inspiration“Let's plan a Workshop Week!" exclaimed Ten O’clock artist Gabriele Teich,... 

Close up of Glenn Schwaiger's hands shaping the neck of ceramic vase.  His hands are covered in clay and he is wearing a brown shirt with red apron.

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AgaveArts Studio

  • Handmade pottery plates, bowls, mugs and cups on placemats outdoors on picnic table with green background.  All tableware pottery handmade by AgaveArts Glenn Schwaiger

    Daily Handmade

    Each meal we enjoy eating off of handmade dishes. We hope you savor the look and feel of our handmade pottery too.

  • Photo of white datura flower with green leaves.  Nature images provide us with inspiration at AgaveArts when designing art tiles and pottery.


    The desert is a harsh environment, but contains rich imagery which inspires our artwork.

  • Regenerative agriculture photo of pecan orchard with grass on orchard floor.  We use the pecan wood to fire pottery in the wood kiln.

    Regenerative Agriculture

    At AgaveArts we practice regenerative agriculture. The wood pruned from our orchard is used to fire our wood kiln.

    Link to Wood Kiln fired 
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