About our Studio

Front of AgaveArts Studio
AgaveArts Studio is located in an old general store just north of Las Cruces, New Mexico in the USA.. Make an appointment to visit us or order online and pick up at our studio.
We operate several electric kilns and a wood fired kiln to fire our pottery, art tiles, and ceramic art. Currently we are building a natural gas fired kiln. My wife, LeeAnn, and two dogs, Chaco and Blanca, make up our family.
At AgaveArts we have a dedication to sustainability, practice regenerative agriculture, and use the wood from pruning the pecan trees to fire the wood kiln.  
When you buy from us, you are caring for the environment.  We purchase new sustainable packaging: boxes, honeycomb paper cushion wrap, and biodegradable cellulose peanuts. When possible, we reuse packing materials.
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