Glenn Schwaiger Artist Statement

Photo of Glenn Schwaiger of AgaveArtsI make handcrafted artworks for exhibition and personal enjoyment. My landscape and nature images are a celebration of the cyclical rhythms of the Chihuahuan desert. I have grown to appreciate both the timeless and temporal aspects of the desert while living in Southern New Mexico. I hope the viewer of my work will be reminded of the inherent beauty in nature.

My appreciation for nature and the quest for universal, simplified patterns have a long history in Eastern arts. The making and use of handcrafted pottery, rooted in tradition, and inspired by nature provides a sense of grounding and practicality in my daily life.

My creative focus has been ceramic art for more than 40 years. For 35 years, I taught ceramics. I retired from  Doña Ana Community College and now devote more energy to artist pursuits. My formative years were spent in Central Illionis and I moved to Las Cruces, NM in 1986.  To recognize my sense of place, I sign all my work with three crosses, the hallmark of Las Cruces.