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Small Celadon Porcelain Bowl

Small Celadon Porcelain Bowl

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This lovely, small bowl is excellent for dessert or a condiment. The celadon glaze looks almost white, but is a very light green over the white clay. This bowl is food, oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe, though we always recommend washing your pieces by hand.

This bowl is hand thrown from porcelain clay. After it was thrown the rim was pulled to create decorative points. The light reflects beautifully off the different angles created. It is a one of a kind, as no two are alike.

Diameter: 4 1/2 inches
Height: 3 inches

Handmade by Glenn Schwaiger.


Porcelain clay and glazes fired to cone 10 1300C/2350F in a kiln


Diameter: 4 1/2 inches, Height: 3 inches

Care information

Suitable for dishwasher, but best to hand wash because soap can etch the glazes over time.

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